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Headphones, can you wear them while driving in texas?

Is it Legal to Drive with Headphones on in Texas?

Will You be Cited for Driving while Wearing Headphones? There are a lot of rumors out there regarding what is legal while driving, and what
The biggest mistake is not hiring a motorcycle accident lawywer

The Motorcyclists Biggest Mistake

How to Protect Against Financial Disaster If you have ridden for any period of time, you have likely had at least one close call.  Statistically
Traffic Camera Evidence Personal Injury Lawyer Dallas

Traffic Camera Evidence for a Semi Truck Wreck

How Public Traffic Cameras can Help Your Case Camera evidence is one of the most valuable pieces of evidence in any accident case.  This is
Multi-car pile up car accident lawyer texas

What if I’m in a Multi-Car Pileup Accident?

Who is Liable when Multiple Vehicles are Involved? Car crashes run the gamut of involvement.  From single-car wrecks to those involving dozens.  Multi-car pileup accidents
Texas lawyer fatal motorcycle wrecks

The Common Factor in Fatal Motorcycle Wrecks

Nearly All Fatal Motorcycle Wrecks have One Thing in Common Riding a motorcycle is dangerous.  But it’s a danger that many accept because being on
Black Box Semi Truck Accident

The Role of a Black Box in a Truck Accident Claim

How Truck Accident Claims have Changed with Recording Devices Since the 1980’s many trucks have included “black boxes.”  These recording devices (called Electronic Logging Devices