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semi accident

How Truck Equipment Failures Lead to Semi Accidents

The Most Common Failures in a Semi Accident There are many semi accidents that are caused by human error: speeding, blowing a stop sign, or driving under the influence.  But
Texas Car Accident Attorney

When Insurance Companies aren’t Completely Honest

Insurance Companies sometimes Twist Facts to Avoid Settlements We all have auto insurance to protect us in case we’re involved in an accident.  You expect to be indemnified, a word
Truck speed regulations

Trucking Speed Regulation Hopes to Reduce Fatal Accidents

Safer Roads for Everyone May Mean Longer Transit Times Every day at least 10 people die in fatal truck accidents according to  Nearly a quarter of all accidents involving
car accident while traveling

What if I’m in a Car Accident While Traveling?

Accidents while Traveling are Common; Here’s what to Expect Christmas and the New Year are both rapidly approaching.  While travel is down quite a bit this year, there will be
Texas Motorcycle Accident Case

Don’t Mess up Your Texas Motorcycle Accident Case

A Few Tips So Your Motorcycle Accident Case is Settled Properly After an accident there are a lot of things going through your mind.  If you’re injured, or if someone
semi truck accident reconstruction

The Importance of Reconstructing the Scene after a Semi Truck Accident

Scene Reconstruction Gives more Accurate Information With many thousands of trucks on the road at any given time, there are bound to be accidents.  They often lead to severe injuries