How to Document Your Auto Accident

How to Document Your Auto Accident

Good Documentation Helps Your Auto Accident Attorney

In the digital age, it has become easier than ever to document exactly what happened during a crash.  In fact, for under $100 you can get a dashcam that records everything that your vehicle goes through so the scene can play out in real time.  Using footage and photographs help your auto accident attorney when building your case so that you can collect as large of a settlement as possible.

Emotions run high after a wreck, especially if there are injuries and fatalities.  Documenting what happened can be difficult, but can also be done quickly.  Even if you haven’t documented everything, Zach Herbert, your auto accident attorney serving Texas and Oklahoma, can help.  Call 214-414-3808 to chat about your case.  There’s no obligation to become a client; we are just here to help.

Get a Recorded Confession if You Can

After the accident, everyone is shaken up.  It’s in the moment that people will be more honest; as time goes on and they collect their wits they will tend to make up stories and try to change the truth.  Using the camera or audio recording on your phone, ask them what happened and try to get them to confess what they did wrong.

Keep in mind that most people are not going to like you pointing the camera at them and asking them if they hit you.  This is seen as aggressive, and puts them in a defensive position.  Instead, tuck the phone away and have a conversation, or have the conversation as you’re taking pictures or videos of the vehicle.

Using language such as, “Wow, what happened?  I was driving along and the next thing I knew I heard tires screech!”  You’re not admitting any fault, but getting them to open up.

This audio recording admitting guilt will help your auto accident attorney settle your case.

Take Pictures and Video of Everything

Pictures and videos go a long way, especially if your case goes to court.  While dashcam footage is the best, as it documents the actual accident, here are a few more aspects to capture.

  • License Plates: Make sure that both your vehicle and the other vehicle(s) license plates are clearly shown in the pictures that you take.
  • Driver: It’s seen as aggressive when you shove a camera in someone’s face. Instead, try to capture them standing next to their vehicle.  You want to make sure it’s known they were driving.
  • Damage: Document all of the damage on all vehicles. Your phone likely holds thousands of pictures so don’t be scared to take too many.
  • Surrounding Area: Make sure it’s easy to see exactly where you are in the pictures.  A video is even better and you can narrate what you see.
  • Landmarks: Any landmarks that will help quickly identify the area should be included in the pictures.
  • Traffic: Make sure that your images or videos show how much, or how little, traffic there was at the time of the accident. Included in this should be construction traffic.  If there is anything being built nearby, have it documented.
  • Documents: Swapping information is much easier when you just take a picture of the other driver’s license and proof of insurance.

Keeping great records is what will help you get the settlement that you deserve.  In some cases, they may be enough that you don’t need the help of an auto accident attorney.  But if you do, they will make winning your case so much easier.

Write It Down, or Narrate It

After documenting everything, while the accident is still fresh in your mind, make sure you write down exactly what happened.  If you don’t have anything to write on, or if writing isn’t your thing, make one final video of the area and narrate exactly what happened preceding the accident, and how it all occurred.  Studies show that within 24 hours we forget over half of any new information we learn; don’t let that forgetfulness ruin your auto accident case!

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